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Smoother skin
Dermaplaning removes dead skin and light peach fuzz from your face, revealing healthier and smoother skin that’s brighter and appears tighter.

Enhances other treatments
Many individuals choose to combine dermaplaning with other facial and skincare treatments to enhance their results and get their skin looking and feeling healthier.

Removing soft facial hair
Many people choose to remove peach fuzz from their face with dermaplaning, so their faces are completely smooth and hair-free.

Reducing acne scars and fine lines
Because dermaplaning promotes collagen and elastin growth, it can help reduce the appearance of scarring and fine lines as well as be a great way of staving off the fine lines and wrinkles. An anti-aging regimen that is a known celebrity skincare secret.

No irritation
If you have sensitive skin and are unable to receive facials, dermaplaning is a less irritating option that is more effective than some exfoliants.

More even skin tone
With the removal of dead skin cells, your skin will have a more even tone and texture, providing a smooth base for makeup or fresh-faced looks.


Dermaplaning is a maximum exfoliation technique that can remove and reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun spots, dead skin cells, and superfluous hair from your face. This technique utilizes a microblade to skim and scrape these particles and pollutants off in a noninvasive and painless manner.

While dermaplaning is considered to be an effective treatment for many skin conditions, it is important to avoid it if you’re currently taking retinoid medications, since these treatments may cause undue irritation and discomfort during the dermaplaning procedure. Dermaplaning should be delayed by three to four days if you’ve recently tanned or used any exfoliating scrubs to allow your skin time to heal.

Both men, women, teens and even children can enjoy the many benefits of regular facial treatments. Facials offer a great way to pamper yourself by providing a scheduled time for relaxation and mental reflection, but they are also an important component of ongoing skin care, regardless of your age, gender, and skin type.

While it’s true that individuals who suffer from chronic skin conditions such as acne can use these treatments to maintain healthier skin, facials offer benefits for all skin types. Ultimately, regardless of whether you have a specific skin concern or you just want to enjoy generally healthy skin, you can absolutely benefit from a facial.

During a dermaplaning treatment, a Licensed Esthetician will soothe your skin with a serum that cleans, moisturizes, and prepares your skin for the procedure. Your Esthetician will then scrape a microblade tool at a 45-degree angle across your skin. Afterward, a soothing balm is applied to the skin to both nourish and hydrate it.

This stand-alone treatment will effectively remove peach fuzz, light blemishes, fine lines, and dead skin cells in a quick and painless manner. Many patients report the entire experience is pleasant and relaxing. Dermaplaning can be used with chemical peels depending on your skincare needs, though many patients find the dermaplaning itself is enough to see a difference in the quality of your skin’s texture and appearance.

While dermaplaning is by far the least invasive and irritating method for maximum exfoliation, you should take care to apply sunscreen to your face after treatment to ensure you’re protected from UV damage to your new skin layers. Oftentimes, more than one skin treatment can be joined with dermaplaning to increase the benefit that this treatment offers.


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