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Permanent removal or diminishment of hair 

Wherever you want to get rid of body hair, laser hair removal will give you 70%–90% removal of unwanted hair in just six treatments.

Increased confidence 

Having or removing body hair is a personal choice, but if you feel best without body hair, you’ll feel more confident after your laser hair removal treatment!

No downtime 

After your laser hair removal treatment, you will be able to go back to your normal routine! You shouldn’t experience any irritation that affects your life.


Treatment with our Hair Laser Removal system is virtually painless with Advanced Contact Cooling technology to remove hair.

Safe & Effective

Skintel Melanin Reader provides safe and effective treatment every session customizing your treatment to your specific skin tone.


We have melanin technology to assist us in our consultation with you in letting you know a treatment plan. The Skintel Melanin Reader provides safe and effective treatment every session customizing your treatment to your specific skin tone. We treat all skin and hair types.

Body Envy uses Cynosure Laser technologies to offer you a custom hair removal experience that is best for your skin and hair type. Diode laser, which is safe on all skin tones.

All areas may be laser hair removed. We are able to cover small and large areas quickly. Face, lip, chin, legs, arms, bikini, stomach, back… There is no limit to the places we laser. We want you be carefree & hair-free!

Lasers safely and effectively remove unwanted hair by concentrating a beam of light at a hair that is in an active growth mode. The light is absorbed by the skin’s pigment, which damages the hair follicle to prevent or diminish future growth. The heat from the laser destroys or damages the hair follicle without damaging the skin.

Generally, our clients see a 70%–90% reduction in unwanted hair in 6 treatments every 4–6 weeks. Factors impacting results include hair density and color, the hair’s growth cycle, and the area being treated.

There are three phases of hair growth: active (anagen); regressive (catagen) and inactive (telogen). Lasers effectively treat only hairs that are in an active growth phase at the time of treatment. Over the course of 6 laser hair removal treatments, most of your body’s hair will be in an active growth phase and can, therefore, be treated effectively.

During your laser hair removal treatment, some hairs may pop out of their follicles. Over the following 2–3 weeks, hair that has been damaged will break free from the follicles and fall out. The hair that does grow back will be more sparse and thinner. Generally, as you go through your treatment program, you’ll see increasing results until you have a 70%–90% reduction in unwanted hair.

Yes, laser hair removal treatments are extremely safe and are performed by our certified laser specialists who are state-licensed Registered Nurses or Physician Assistants under the guidance of our medical director.

It generally depends on the individual. Treatment with our Hair Laser Removal system is virtually painless with Advanced Contact Cooling technology to remove hair.

Although some areas of the body tend to be more sensitive than others. We have topical numbing cream available which can be applied 30 minutes before a treatment to minimize discomfort.

Treatment time is mostly dependent upon the body area being treated and amount of hair growth. Smaller areas such as the lip or chin take a few minutes, whereas legs may take up to 45 minutes and the whole body may take up to 90 minutes.

We recommend that individuals shave the day before treatment so that your skin is smooth. This will increase the efficacy of your treatment and diminish any discomfort. You should never wax while you are undergoing laser hair removal. Do not wear deodorant or any other lotions and avoid spray tanning prior to treatment.

Yes! If you compare the cost of laser hair removal to the lifetime cost of shaving or waxing, laser hair removal is very affordable and will save you both time and money. The price of laser hair removal depends upon the body areas being treated.

Virtually all areas of the body can be safely and effectively treated. If you’d like to learn more about laser hair removal, or if you want to make an appointment, contact us today.


Body Envy LA uses the Cynosure Laser system which is one of the fastest and most effective laser hair removal systems. This Laser Hair Removal system has established dependability for lasting hair reduction on a broad assortment of skin colors and hair types. A Laser Hair Removal system with the ability to use larger spot sizes, in turn, applying more coverage to extended (full back, chest, and full leg) more quickly. This results in money and time saved for you with maximum results.

The laser hair removal system is complemented by a chilling technology resulting in less discomfort than other versions of lasers, while giving you that desired hair-free appearance.


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